• What We Do

    The Sound and Vision Project is a 501(c)(3) fund developed to provide tuition assistance to students of School of Rock Philadelphia, in the private lesson and Performance Programs. We have given our first two full one-year scholarships, and are planning our first two fundraising events -- and we are REALLY excited by the support we have received! Our Facebook page is still the best way to get all the details of our adventures in real-time. LIKE our page at https://www.facebook.com/soundandvisionproject/ and you'll hear even more!

  • Who Is Eligible?

    The Sound and Vision Project is a non-profit organization with a Board of Directors consisting of current parents of School of Rock Philadelphia students, as well as now-adult, former students of the school. They are, in short, people whose lives have been touched deeply by School of Rock Philadelphia, and have devoted this effort to seeing that more of Philly's kids get to experience it.


    Tuition aid is offered in part based on financial need but is also determined in consideration of the student's work ethic and dedication to School of Rock's standards of excellence: ability to show up, be ready to play, check your ego (and iPhone) at the door, and work well in -- not just tolerate -- multi-aged groups. Be a "Force Multiplier". Probationary periods for brand new students who need time to show these skills can be made available. A tour of the school, and sitting down with us at Sound and Vision, is recommended. E-mail us at soundandvisionphilly@gmail.com for more.

  • Make a donation to the Sound and Vision Project

    For questions about tax exemptions, please e mail us at soundandvisionphilly@gmail.com

  • Get In Touch

    Ask us anything! Give us an idea! We will keep you up to date on what our Program is accomplishing.